Clermont Auvergne INP

Public higher education establishment and engineering center of the University Clermont Auvergne (UCA).


Clermont Auvergne INP occupies a leading position in the scientific and industrial community. Clermont Auvergne INP brings together the 3 Clermont engineering schools (ISIMA, SIGMA Clermont and Polytech Clermont) and offers high-level scientific and technical training backed by excellent research and a strong capacity to produce and transfer information. ‘innovation.

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Ecoles de Clermont Auvergne INP

Three ways to join Clermont - Auvergne INP schools

  • Competitive admissions
  • Admissions on Securities
  • Integrated preparatory classes
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Research and innovation

The research strategy of Clermont Auvergne INP is closely linked to the entire Clermont site and is part of a logic of pooling resources via the CNRS but also the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital and the École des Mines de Saint-Etienne . Clermont Auvergne INP integrates 3 UMRs which largely cover the field of engineering sciences as well as the SPI doctoral school.


Clermont Auvergne INP offers its students the opportunity to study internationally on the basis of lasting partnerships and confirmed programs: academic semesters, double degrees/double courses, international company internships.

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