Clermont Auvergne INP

A public higher education institution and the engineering center of the Université Clermont Auvergne (UCA).


Clermont Auvergne INP occupies a leading position in the scientific and industrial community. Clermont Auvergne INP brings together Clermont’s 3 engineering schools (ISIMA, SIGMA Clermont and Polytech Clermont) and offers top-level scientific and technical training based on excellent research and a strong capacity for information production and innovation transfer.

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Ecoles de Clermont Auvergne INP

At Clermont Auvergne INP you can choose from more than 10 engineering programs and turn your passion into a rewarding career. You can join us as a full degree student:

  • Competitive entrance examination (after 2 years of preparatory classes)
  • Integrated preparatory program
  • Admission based on qualifications


External students can also join us via:


  • Exchange programs
  • Double-degree programs
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Research and innovation

Clermont Auvergne INP's research strategy is closely aligned with that of the local university network as a whole, and is based on the sharing of resources via the CNRS, the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital and the École des Mines de Saint-Etienne. INP Clermont Auvergne is also a member of 3 joint research units (UMR) covering the whole field of engineering sciences, as well as the doctoral school in engineering sciences.


Discover the world with Clermont Auvergne INP’s international mobility programs, which provide students with unparalleled opportunities for global education through enduring partnerships and established initiatives. Whether you’re looking to enrich your academic experience with international semesters, pursue double degrees or courses, or gain valuable insights through international company internships, our institution offers a diverse array of avenues for expanding your horizons. Embrace the chance to broaden your perspective and immerse yourself in cross-cultural learning experiences. Explore the possibilities of international incoming mobility with Clermont Auvergne INP.

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